Real Diet

What is real diet? Diet is very important for all people. This diet the healthy diet so that we will not get sick. Real Diet is eating a balance diet such as foods with vitamins A, B, C, D, E

Foods with vitamins helps the body to gain energy for the body to function well.

For example, a body should have Go, Grow and Glow Foods.

The Go foods or carbohydrates provide energy for the body so that the body so that we can work and move with a healthy body. They assist the body’s weakness so that we can also go through good condition. Examples are rice or food made out of grains and crops like sweet potatoes.

The Glow foods are fruits and vegetables that can make the body glow at the same time energetic. Any vegetables can do. However, eating vegetables is not enough.

Grow foods or Proteins must be eaten too. Proteins like meats and legumes make the muscle become strong for endurance and flexibility. These foods should not be avoided because without these foods, you will come to eat many every time that makes you look for food or anything you think makes you full. Especially if you go on hiking or work out, you need pork or poultry to sustain your body need.

Not only by eating these groups of food can you go on real diet but also maintaining your stomach to have something. Have a healthy snacks between lunch and breakfast, and between lunch and dinner.

At dinner time, eat at most before 7 pm. You body cells slows down by that time so they can not work to the most by breaking down the foods.