Health is Beauty

Real meaning of health is having no problem in the body. Health should be the standard of our life. Even if we have everything, if health is lost, then we actually have nothing. Health the the most beautiful thing that we have. We can not buy health anywhere even if we are the  wealthiest people on earth. We make ourselves beautiful by maintaining the health that was given to us. A lot of people regret from not taking of themselves after being diagnosed from strange diseases. So, there are many things to consider when taking care of the body. For example, making effort not to eat fatty foods. Being careful of being so full always. Being careful of not eating something. A lot of things to do when thinking  of the health. We need to at least burn our fats in order to clean dirt from our body.

Obesity is the problem of our society nowadays. There is an outnumbered people who are obese for some reasons. One reason is the unhealthy way of living. Eating and eating without choosing what to eat and when to eat. There is no self-control. Plus always sleeping, eating and sleeping without exercising is worst. Another is hormonal imbalance. How can we ever avoid such things in our life? Sorry to say that this is quite unfortunate. Why not keep such things in order to keep your life safe from unfortunate end? If you know that you have hormonal imbalance, then please do not make it worst.

Those who are killing themselves by not eating just to make themselves look like  bamboo are so pitiful? Who says that being so thin is beautiful?