Healthy Strategy for Body Fit

For our health, we need to be fit physically. Did you know that there are 3 billion cells working in our body just to make our body healthy? If so, why not take care of you body? If these cells do not function well, what good is the body? Here are  the ways you can make your body physically fit.

Eat fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are healthy to the body. However, all fruits have acidity content that makes our body dirty too if we do not control it. Example, banana is one of the acidic food that we commonly eat.

People say that it is bad to be fat so they make effort to  go on diet. What diet are they talking about? Usually, it it reducing the amount of food that they eat believing that they will reduce the calories they take in. Reducing the amount of food is a healthy way? NO WAY! Yes of course, you will become thin perhaps, but what about your health? If you are obese, you really have to reduce your weight.

Do you know the healthy secret to have a fit yet healthy body?

Eat foods that have low acid contents. Do you know why? Acids cause the fats and calories not to break down and this is the reason why there is slow metabolism. Another reason is that fats will be stuck in the body that makes the body grow bigger.

Drink water as for up to 8 glasses a day to clean the acidic content in the body.

Do not let yourself go hungry by skipping meals. Eat for as long as you do not eat to the fullest that you can not carry your stomach any longer.

Do not eat too much at night because the metabolism slows down during the night, then therefore the foods will not break down well.

Have a time to exercise daily.